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Russell Cook Edition by Master Works


 Ruth is extremely excited to have collaborated with Russell Cook, owner of Master Works Dulcimers,
to design this model of the Russell Cook Edition Extended Range-RS dulcimer.
(RCE 17/17XR-RS)

Please contact Ruth about ordering and she will help you design your own custom instrument. She can also help you with any of the other Master Works models, including the amazing DulciForte.

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For a long time, Ruth looked for a smaller instrument to travel with and she’s long admired the
Master Works RCE (Russell Cook Edition) instruments.

Russell Cook developed (with Ruth's input) an extended range RCE with the extra low bass bridge on the right side! Extra notes are on the upper left to make a 4 ½ octave instrument in a compact, lightweight body. The treble and bass bridges were moved closer together which makes valley rolls and other dulcimer moves more fun to play and easier to play more accurately. 
Also available is a choice between regular sustain and lower sustain.
This is a terrific instrument for travel, but also for people who need a feature-rich instrument in a more manageable size.
Best of all, this instrument responds to Ruth’s touch, allowing her to accomplish her signature sound. 
Ruth can work with you to design your own custom version of this great new instrument.

With the rich-sounding and beautiful Russell Cook Edition Extended Range instrument as the foundation, the following features are included:
  • 4 1/2 octave range; from low D2 to high A6.
  • Extended range: 6 higher notes on left side; 10 lower notes moved to the RIGHT SIDE, making it more intuitive and easier to play those extra low notes.
  • Customized tuning arrangements available on extended range bridges.
  • Treble and Bass bridges moved much closer together, making it more fun and easier to play in the valley.
  • Choice of bridges set-up for regular or lower sustain.
  • Lightweight and compact, weighing 12-13 pounds! (Great for carry-on air travel.)
  • Internal sealant - keeps the tuning amazingly stable
  • Contrasting wood bindings
 There are many options for customizing and making this instrument your very own, one-of-a-kind instrument:
  • Dampers
  • Choices of soundhole designs, or design your own 
  • Abalone trim around soundholes, binding, bridge markers
  • Choice of super exotic woods with soundboard custom stained to match
  • Curly maple pinblocks
  • Pick-up optimized specifically for this instrument
  • Custom stand stained to match the instrument
  • Back stained to match
  • and more...
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  Ruth's dulcimer
  dampers close upRuth's dulcimer on porch
  Soundhole Designs Samples
  RCE Edition rosetteHarrison rose

"After years of recommending Master Works instruments to hammered dulcimer players, whether beginners through advanced, I am proud to have worked with Russell Cook to develop this fine instrument. I feel I've found my forever instrument! It has everything I need in a compact, lightweight form that responds to my touch.
Let me work with you to create your own custom, one of a kind instrument- just for you!" 
- Ruth Smith


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