Acoustic Americana Music 
with Celtic & Appalachian Roots


Cabin Cove Music 
157 Cabin Cove Rd. 
Zionville, NC 28698 


Steve and Ruth Smith, from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, play a heartwarming blend of Appalachian Americana music featuring hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, guitar, and old-time banjo. Steve and Ruth play and sing the music reminiscent of the old homeplace where family, love, faith, and sense of place are the foundations of heritage and traditions.

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Just Plain Folks Nominee:
Nominees in the 2020 & 2009 Roots Music categories of the JPF International Music Awards, the world's largest awards for independent musicians, receiving 5 nominations in the upcoming 2020 awards.

In 2014, Steve and Ruth were inducted into "America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame" for their performing, preserving, and promoting traditional Appalachian music. 

Named "Americana Instrumental Group of the Year" at the 2013 Appalachian Cultural Music Association Awards.


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Performance Videos:
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 * Appalachian Cultural Music Association Concert:
"Swingin' on a Gate"
"Blue Ridge Mountain Sky" written by Steve 

* MerleFest, Wilkeboro, NC  Concert:
"Homesick for the Holler" written by Steve & Ruth
"This Old Crooked Road" written by Steve

* The Pickin' Porch, Townsend, TN:
Synopsis of Concert 

* "Song of the Mountains" PBS TV show, Marion, VA
"Song of the Mountains" Concert

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