Join Steve & Ruth for a very special show at the restored Eclipse Mine Company Store in Hocking, The Plains, Ohio. The store is now a great restaurant with a relaxing live music stage outside. Steve’s Papaw MacDonald managed that Eclipse coal mining store in the 1940s and many years before that he worked coal mining down in the Eclipse mine. This show will honor Steve’s two grandfathers who were both coal miners. This will be the first performance in the Athens area for Steve in over 50 years since moving away after graduating college. Steve graduated from Athens High School and Ohio University playing in several bands through high school and college before moving to Nashville pursuing his music career, now over 50 years across the nation and the world. Steve & Ruth will take you on a voyage of Appalachian music & culture. Both Steve and Ruth are of Scottish heritage and will take the audience from the traditional Celtic music of Scotland and Ireland that migrated with the Scots-Irish into the Appalachian Mountains, through the early music of the Appalachian Highlands, and on to Steve & Ruth's heartwarming original music about mountain life, their family, and rural Appalachian values. Join Steve & Ruth for this very special evening Thursday, July 20.