Dulcimer players in workshop

ALSO! A joint workshop with Steve and Ruth!
Duet Playing - Hammered Dulcimer and Guitar
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Steve & Ruth are available to do from one-day up to week-long workshops at Festivals, Folk Schools, and Special Events



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Hammered Dulcimer

Ruth's many years of classical training give her a special touch, and she is recognized for her delicate, expressive style. Ruth is known for bringing the softer side of the hammered dulcimer to life.

Dirty Linen World & Folk Music

“Ruth Smith's touch on the hammered dulcimer is absolutely magical, with exquisite phrasing, highlighting the range of the instrument, especially on her own pieces.”

Dulcimer Players News says Ruth is “very sensitive to the nuances of the music, allowing each tune to breathe.” She employs hands-on teaching techniques which place special emphasis on playing expressively.



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Guitar, Banjo & Ukulele Workshops

With over 50 years experience as a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, Steve is noted for his rich guitar chords, leading patterns, and embellishments which compliment acoustic lead instruments.

Steve also teaches various levels of clawhammer banjo and ukulele workshops.

Song-writing, Recording, Publishing & Performance Workshops

Steve is an ASCAP Award winning songwriter and previously worked in the recording industry in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Hawaii.   He taught recording/audio production for nearly 20 years at Appalachian State University, Boone, NC.  Steve & Ruth produce and engineer all of their CDs.

Steve also teaches workshops on music publishing, copyrights, licensing, and performance and has been a professional musician for more than five decades.


Real-time live video private Hammered Dulcimer and Apalachian Mountain Dulcimer lessons with Ruth!

Also! Real-time live video private Guitar, Ukulele, and Clawhammer Banjo lessons with Steve!

Thanks to the internet, Steve and Ruth are now offering live on-line private lessons in your own home, at your convenience. All that is needed for this is a computer with a web cam and a free Skype or FaceTime account.
Skype (for PCs) and FaceTime (for Mac) are very simple to set up and are absolutely free video calling services.
We can help you set it up, if needed.

For a free Skype account click the logo

For FaceTime, just click the preinstalled Facetime app icon on your Mac computer desktop FaceTime Logo

Call Ruth or Steve at 828-297-1918 with questions and to set up your first lesson.

Before your first lesson begins, we'll do a test connection to make certain that everything works well
(that you can see and hear Ruth or Steve and their instruments and we can see and hear you and your instrument).
Then, the lesson begins and you pay via the secure PayPal button below AFTER your lesson is completed.
($40.00 for a 45 minute lesson)

Isn't modern technology cool?!

(Please be sure to call Ruth or Steve to schedule, test connections, and have your lesson before paying.)

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